• Pachydermos adds value when:

    • You’re ready to advance relationships with existing customers
    • Your team needs more discipline in operations
    • Your organization struggles with pipeline consistency and results
    • You crave a thought partner who will effectively and constructively challenge you

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    Health Checks

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    Pipeline Critique

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    C-Level Advisory

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    Health Checks

    Our Health Checks are a common first engagement when a team or department is not yielding results expected by a Chief Customer Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, COO, or CEO. Either steady-state operations have stagnated or there has been a recent change in people, processes, or tools, and progress seems to be stalled.


    Types of Health Checks:

    • Customer Success
    • Operations
    • Sales


    What It Is: A succinct, objective, description of the problem(s) with specific actionable steps and accountabilities.


    What It’s Not: A long, almost helpful, document of a plan that requires a team of consultants to execute.


    Find out if a Health Check is right for your company.

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    Pipeline Critique

    Whether it’s new customer sales or partnership development, if your pipeline feels like an amorphous heap of “stuff,” this offering will refine process, get more out of the tools you already have, and organize the pipeline to reflect both.


    This engagement starts with a diagnostic and continues with coaching and guidance that empowers the team to unlock growth.


    What It Is: An improved and documented process, defined lead qualification attributes, specific actionable steps, and KPIs to measure progress and success.


    What It’s Not: Staff augmentation, compensation plans, or useless platitudes.


    Let's discuss how our Pipeline Critique can enable your growth goals.

  • "Only 8% of leaders are good at aligning strategy and execution—and those 8% see staggeringly stronger financial returns." - Harvard Business Review

    C-Level Advisory

    Sometimes executives can’t "read the label from inside the jar.” You need a fresh perspective built on relevant experience.


    This service gives you access to a trusted thought and accountability partner with the real-world practicality, business acumen, and empathy to facilitate your success through relatable experiences, tools, and network connections.


    What It Is: Value every time we meet, helping you align strategy and execution.


    What It’s Not: Personality tests or templatized meetings that feel like going through the motions.


    If this resonates—we need to talk.


    We don’t just talk about theories we’ve studied.

    We’ve actually done the work. We’ve driven progress in customer success, operations, and sales teams.


    We’ve been in your shoes. 

    With 30 years of progressing responsibility for P&Ls as high as $50M in companies small and large, public and private—we have the perspective to understand your situation.


    We don’t divide—we align. 

    We’ve been in many difficult situations over the years and have the communication skills coupled with execution grit to get people aligned on what matters.


    We value:

    • Empathy
    • Accountability
    • Trustworthiness
    • Leading by example
    • Teaching over telling
    • Facing conflict directly, with grace

    Do our values align?


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    We “lay things flat”

    Together, we’ll decide what needs to be done and create visibility to monitor progress.


    We’re conversation-oriented

    We take away the drudgery of working with consultants—there are no big analysis decks or book reports.


    There are no “black boxes”

    We openly share our tools, frameworks, network connections, and whatever else might be helpful to enable your teams.


    We value accountability

    It’s a state of mind, not a tracking mechanism. We hold up our end of the deal and expect our clients to do the same.


    We focus on value not hours

    If you’re just looking for staff augmentation, we’ll be glad to make a helpful introduction.


    If this sounds refreshing—we need to talk.


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    "We had a process, a CRM, and criteria already developed. And we were driving relationships to a point, but they kept getting stuck. Bob brought pithy insight to the table that helped us think about the underlying needs of partners in ways that were immediately relatable. And the fact that he held no internal bias, helped us apply his simple logical framework to build collective understanding and make the work easier.

    For sure, the organization has to want to change, we own that, but he's a talented coach."


    —Deb Everhart, Credential Engine


    “Bob has been a trusted advisor to me in my professional career for several years. He has a unique ability to get to the root of any situation presented to him, find where the value lies, and coach a person or team on how to deliver that value.”


    Grant Moller, Google


    “I have watched Bob skillfully knit together different groups to achieve not only momentary, but lasting results for the business. He does this by intuitively translating the strategic goals of the enterprise into actions that are readily understood by those who report to him, while still helping them maintain a connection to the larger vision.”


    Sean Evans, OP Labs


    “Bob was a true pleasure to work with. His style injects thought and promotes discussion, challenging the norm at every turn. He helped me look at my work in a totally different manner: to drive efficiencies by keeping the big picture in focus to gain as much value add as possible. I'd recommend Bob to any Executive looking to broaden their horizons and declutter group think.”


    Tim Burns, Indigo IT


    “Bob Stoneking is one of the most valuable and versatile software professionals I've met in my career. Whether it's his innate charisma, persistent optimism, solution-oriented mindset, or his adeptness at quickly developing strong genuine relationships, Bob is a person you want both speaking to your customers and leading by example internally. What I value most about Bob, though, is his ability to be both kind and direct — Bob's feedback during leadership meetings was always honest, constructive, and thoughtful, and I took to heart the mentorship that he offered me.”


    Jonas Dawson, Qmulos

  • Photo of Bob Stoneking with quote: "There can be no resolution in the absence of conflict."

    About Bob Stoneking

    Experience shared with incredible partners over thirty-plus years helps Bob drive change faster than most. He’s held management, consultant, and advisor positions in public and private sector settings. Central to his success is Bob’s ability to focus cross-functional teams on the underlying needs of each other.


    Bob is a servant leader that builds comfortable conditions for conflict resolution. As a result, he helps organizations get to the bottom of problems and define improvement strategies. He propagates success-oriented behavior by helping teams understand how what they do matters. Bob easily employs management techniques that create trust.


    If your organization has great talent—but needs help connecting that talent to strategy while optimizing execution—we need to talk.